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Sustainable and energy saving solutions

Sustainable office design is about more than saving energy, it is a means to meet your social and environmental responsibilities while also reducing operational costs. It does not necessarily require more upfront investment either, as many modern sustainable design strategies and materials cost no more than conventional methods.

Sustainable materials

We have a clear focus on using sustainable building materials and intelligent space planning to ensure any product or environment we provide is compliant and sustainable.


LED lighting is widely recognised as one of the best starting places to reduce energy costs. It has the potential to almost single-handedly eliminate lighting as a major source of global emissions, and can save up to 85% on your lighting costs.

Intelligent lighting control

As well as using more energy efficient lighting technology, further savings are made by cutting back on wasteful energy usage, such as lights being on when not required. This can be virtually eliminated with intelligent lighting controls and motion sensors.

Smart metering and controls

Key to saving energy is the ability to identify where it is being wasted in the first place. We can design and install a smart metering and monitoring scheme that will enable your business to pinpoint the areas where energy savings can be made.

Intelligent energy management

Often energy is wasted in commercial buildings through simple things such as the heating and air conditioning working in competition with each other, or windows being opened to cool an office when the heating is still operational. We can install intelligent heating and ventilation controls that will prevent this, reducing energy wastage and reducing costs.

Furniture repair and restoration

We can give new life to old office furniture and equipment, making them look and perform as new, saving money and enhancing your environmental credentials.

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